Author: Robin Tinney

AGB Press Release

The Art Gallery of Bancroft will mount two highly political exhibitions bridging the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation this fall; we invite you to explore the works and speak with the artists to mark this important date in the rural Ontario Town of Bancroft.The topic of “Truth“ will be explored in the September exhibit […]

Truth Telling

Truth Telling is a collection of essays about the contemporary Indigenous experience in Canada. From resistance and reconciliation to the resurgence and reclamation of Indigenous power, Michelle Good explores the issues through a series of personal essays. With authority, intelligence and insight, Michelle Good delves into the human cost of colonialism, showing how it continues to […]


Stolen is a Pulitzer Prize winning podcast that approaches the experiences of MMIWG&TS as well as Residential School victims. It is both captivating and terrible at the same time. While I consider this to be important and essential to listen to, I also want to warn you that it isn’t easy to listen to. Take […]

What does Chat GPT’s AI think of Canada’s efforts?

I asked Chat GPT: “Has Canada been genuine in its efforts to address the recommendations from the Truth and Reconciliation reports?” Response: Canada has made some efforts to address the recommendations from the Truth and Reconciliation report, but there is still a long way to go before meaningful reconciliation can be achieved. Since the release […]

Cultural Appropriation: Don’t Do It!!

The subject of cultural appropriation is a sticky one, often because it is either misunderstood or because it is dismissed as unimportant. There are valid reasons why we, as Indigenous people, want a little extra protection around our styles, designs and images. Four hundred years of intentional cultural genocide requires time and space to recover […]